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Salesforce is a transformative and powerful platform. It is a catalyst for change and business enablement. As with any tool, however, it is only effective when used correctly and for the right job. Skie helps make sure Salesforce becomes not just a tool, but a weapon for creating, collaborating and curating experiences with your customers.

We believe our role in implementation is actually to remove as much focus on technology as possible to allow the business process and business outcomes to dictate solutions. Salesforce is pliable enough to give us the ability to mould a system that fits your business within a framework of proven success. Our team drives conversations and concepts rooted in process and customer experiences rather than workflows and automations. It’s here, where Salesforce underpins your business that true success and transformation is found.

Our Process


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Your journey starts with the Design phase. We work with your business stakeholders to define project success, understand requirements, map your processes and build a working prototype.


Now the prototype gets all the magic added. Automations and integrations are built out from design concepts to functional components.


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It’s time to get this thing live. We collaborate with you to put your new system through its paces and train your champions. Then, we launch.


Success is not a destination, but a journey. Even successful Salesforce solutions, over time, need reimagination to stay relevant and match the business it supports now; not the business it started with. Sometimes, reimagination might be required for a false start project that needs a fresh set of eyes and a different approach to realise success. Skie has worked with countless businesses to reimagine and reignite their Salesforce journey. 

Our approach is based around finding common ground and quick wins to build a collaborative cadence. Ultimately, we want to develop strong, ongoing relationships with our customers where we can deliver real value through considered and tailored solutions. But while good things can come quick, great things take time.

Our Process


We start by learning about your business, not your Salesforce. Then find common ground and identify areas where immediate improvements can be made.


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Now we prove what we’re made of. Start small. Then think big. Step through a program of work to achieve your business outcomes.


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This is the tricky part; never be satisfied or complacent. Your business always evolves, so should your Salesforce. Rise to the challenge of change so change doesn’t become a challenge.


Technology and business are sometimes strange companions. Certainly, attaining a harmonious union of the two can be a fickle endeavour without guidance. Skie believes technology serves to enable business through considered solutions where the two meet seamlessly. Our experience in Salesforce and wider business systems enables us to partner with you to define a roadmap that delivers a cohesive technology stack focused on supporting valuable outcomes.

From a purely technical perspective, Salesforce allows us to build a business focused direction because of the interoperability and connectivity of the platform. We have more options available to us than any other platform, meaning the data and systems that are required to bring business processes to life are more accessible and connected than ever before with Salesforce at the heart of your technology stack.

Our Process


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We need to know your business in order to provide direction. The ‘why’ is far more important than the ‘how’. Skie starts here; learning, challenging and engaging.


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With a sound understanding of your business and goals, we can help build a roadmap and recommended technology stack that support your journey.


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This is the tricky part; never be satisfied or complacent. Your business always evolves, so should your Salesforce. Rise to the challenge of change so change doesn’t become a challenge.

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