Our experience across many projects, spanning multiple industries and use cases has led Skie to build our own products that help get your Salesforce up and running faster. Check out our solutions below and see how we can help your Salesforce journey.

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Field Sales Accelerator

Skie Fields Sales Accelerator

An end-to-end field sales platform to connect your field sales team and customers. Empower your team to better support and service your customers while streamlining activities and performance. All powered by Salesforce. 

Field Ordering App

Give your sales team the power to order seamlessly, from a single item to complex promotions. The Sales Order Module provides a mobile enhanced experience to effortlessly quote and place orders by your customer facing team, driven by a sophisticated and powerful engine capable of configuring complex deals, promotions and sales rules.

Account Questionnaire & Site Visit Management

Your teams time on site is valuable. Make the most of it with planned or adhoc visit templates and schedule your next visit effortlessly. While you’re there. get a better understanding of your market and business by gathering feedback directly from your sales team with pre-defined, dynamic questions.

KPI Targets

Drive sales performance and insights with granular KPI’s. Let the numbers speak for themselves. Our package let’s you set KPI’s and targets at banner, brand levels. Take control of your sales by getting the right information to you and your team.

Our Process


Design Icon

Your journey starts with the Design phase. Our accelerator has the core ready to go, but we need to know the special sauce that makes your business unique.


Configure Icon

Now the prototype gets all the magic added. Automations and integrations are built out from design concepts to functional components. We add some additional configuration to our app to make it fit your unique business.


Deploy Icon

It’s time to get this thing live. We collaborate with you to put your new system through its paces and train your champions. Then, we launch.

Field Sales Accelerator

Any Object Timer

Skie Any Object Timer on Mobile

Time is critical to every business. Whether you charge for it or calculate how much time something has cost you, time is the one thing that never stops. Interestingly, it’s also something that isn’t calculated easily across Salesforce through a standard feature. We solved this with Any Object Times. Simple name, power app.

Add this app to your Salesforce and gain the ability to record time, aggregate time and calculate time on any object in Salesforce. Our app creates it’s own record for each time logged to be used in any fashion your use case requires.



Universal Icon

Any Object Times works on any object in Salesforce. Standard objects, your business's custom object, we can record and manipulate time records on all of them.


Customisable Icon

Our app is completely customisable to your unique business requirements. The only limits are your imagination and use case. Let’s get creative.

Any Object Timer

Skie XML

Skie XML

Integration is a critical component of modern business systems and technology. No single system can cover every requirement of your business. Inevitably, you will need to get pieces of your technology stack to play nicely with each other. Skie recognised this need and built an engine to create custom XML directly from your Salesforce.

What’s XML?

XML is a standard language that can be recognised and consumed by many technology systems. It’s a common ground that allows us to transfer information and messages from your Salesforce to other systems in your technology stack or your partners systems. This is a critical component in ordering, data syncing and many other use cases.

Skie XML is a native Salesforce solution to generate custom XML directly from your system without the need for additional external connections. It is a one way integration app that solves simple integration use cases or as part of a wider integration approach with additional technologies for a complete integration solution.

Skie XML Product



Native Icon

Skie XML lives on your Salesforce. It doesn’t require additional external connections to work and transform your data.


Simple Icon

This app is designed to solve outbound integration requirements. Salesforce as the source of truth sharing information to other systems. Simple.


Powerful Icon

Simple & powerful? Yes. While Skie XML is designed for a simple, common use case, it’s got the full grunt of the Salesforce platform behind it.

Skie XML